The Five Habits of Happiness: Jumpstart Your Own Happy Lifestyle in Just 21 Days

The Five Habits of Happiness: Jumpstart Your Own Happy Lifestyle in Just 21 Days

Author: Colleen Archer

Do you still believe you need money to be happy? Or a successful career? A happy marriage? A lot of nice “stuff,” and the health and youth to enjoy it? The truth is that none of these things will actually make you happy. Of course all of us are in the pursuit of happiness, one way or another. We all want to experience happiness on a daily basis. The trouble is, some of us are chasing after the wrong things hoping they will make us happy. This book will show you the five simple habits that will make you happy. Not only will this book reveal these five habits of happiness and explain how they work, but it will also provide you with suggestions and activities to make these habits stick, by leading you through a 21-Day Guide to Happy Habits. This happiness guide also comes with journaling exercises--including a link to a printable version--to help you reflect on your new experiences and a Happiness Checklist you can consult each day. After reading this book and completing the 21-Day Happiness Challenge, you will have started to make happiness a daily habit. Soon, happiness will be an easy, natural part of your daily life. Start reading The Five Habits of Happiness to transform your life today!

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