Use our knowledge to get your work published and in front of your ideal audience.

Do you have a work that you’re looking to publish, or are you thinking of creating your own work to publish?

Empowerment Nation offers consulting services that will support you in getting your book written, published, and sold. We have a proven record of publishing our own works, and assisting others publish their works successfully.

Don’t have a book published yet, but want to?
Many people want to become published authors, but don’t know how. We will work with you on getting you started, discovering your market, and publishing route you should take.

Have a book already finished that you want to publish, but don’t know how?
We will work with you on getting it into the readers’ hands.

Already have a book out there, but it’s not getting the attention you want?
Let us help you identify how you can market your work and suggest ways to increase your sales.

We can consult for you in the following areas:

Writing your book:

  • Not sure if your book will sell? We will do a topic and market demand analysis.
  • Idea / content generation
  • Effective title creation
  • Engaging description creation
  • Obtaining favorable reviews for your book, before it’s released


  • Publishing your book digitally/physically and where you can publish these
  • Navigating Nook, Kindle, iBooks, and other platforms
  • Publishing on other platforms, such as audio books

Interior / Exterior of Your Book:

  • Interior layout for digital versions of your book
  • Formatting your book for digital distribution or physical distribution
  • Cover design


  • Obtaining reviews for your book, before and after it’s released
  • Reviewing / critiquing and analyzing your current books
  • Researching your audience
  • Review of your book’s web page/Amazon page/Nook page for changes
  • Optimizing your book’s description page and description copy
  • Promotion
  • Proper branding

“Outside” the book:

  • Using your book as a lead generator to make other sales and consulting revenue,
  • Web page consulting
  • Other revenue sources outside of your book
  • Building a platform to launch future books
  • Creating mailing lists based on your book (get more money over and over again)
  • Creating products based on your book

Our goal is to work with you to get you going, get you published, and get you to market your book in the most effective and efficient way possible.

We will drastically shorten your learning curve, and the time it will take your book to get noticed or marketed, or your money back.

Creating a book is a fantastic process and make you money for years to come!

Consulting / coaching packages starting at: $125 per hour.

Ready to get started?

Email with what area you’d like to discuss, and we will schedule an initial intake session to design a program that meets your needs.

I’m looking forward to working with you!